SarahMc Personali-Tease

I have written music under my name (Sarah McMahill) as well as under SarahMc Personali-Tease.

Instead of pronouncing SarahMc like my name, I intentionally rhymed it with "ceramic" (sə-răm′ĭk). When a ceramic vase gets broken and put back together again, there are inevitably cracks and sometimes little holes. Put a light inside and you can see tiny fragments of light shining through. During my own healing journey, I have found my light getting brighter and widening the cracks just enough for me to be seen. Personali-Tease is part of my name because there are many facets of me that want to come out and play! Sometimes I enjoy the lighter side of life and other times my shadow comes out.

I have a wide variety of musical interests ranging from classical, choral, jazz, bluegrass, folk music from around the world, big band, reggae, etc. You might hear some of those influences in the music I compose. 

I am still working on creating a space here to listen to snippets of what I have done, purchase recordings, and sheet music.

I'm a member of ASCAP.

I have to admit I have not touched my clarinet since the pandemic started until April 11, 2021. I've been trying to convince myself that I've been too busy with other things. That's only partly true but the reality was that I have been grieving. When I put my clarinet together that day, I did my usual warm-ups and started a piano and clarinet composition project. Something kept drawing me away from making much progress on it and I realized that I needed to press record on Audacity and allow whatever needed to come out. After I recorded what I played I felt some of my weight being lifted as I realized that what I just did was a lament for the past year. I know it's not studio-quality but I do want to share it. 

EnneaMuse Album cover.jpg

My debut album EnneaMuse is now available in my store!

When you purchase the music in my store, you'll also receive a pdf of the lyrics.

You can listen to the music before purchasing by clicking here.

The EnneaMuse songs will be performed soon!

Vocalist Theresa Takacs and accompanist Dimiter Terziev will be performing the nine songs in Kamloops, BC, Canada

Saturday April 23 at 7:30 pm Pacific Standard Time/9:30 pm Central Standard Time. The Livestream will be available to watch until May 7, 2022!

For more information, click here.

Click here to purchase Livestream tickets.

New Project!

I'm excited to announce that I'm working on a new music project called "Mantra Dance". 

"Mantra Dance" is a collection of mantras I have created for myself over the years. When the album comes out, I encourage you to chant and/or sing-a-long with me.