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Editing Services

Proof-reading and light editing (any subject or genre): $30/hour

Content editing: $50/hour

Content editing subjects include health and wellness, myofascial release therapy, massage, enneagram, personal growth, music, spirituality, and performing & visual arts.

For further information or to hire me, please contact me here.



My first published poem, "Emma", was part of a digest of paranormal romance called Trysts of Fate, which was edited by Lee Ann Story Sikora. Click here to purchase your copy! The book is $8 not including shipping and handling. 

Do you want a sample of some of my other poems? Click here to download a pdf file of 10 of my poems!

Please contact me if you'd like to use them for any reason. Thank you!

"Somebody Somewhere Will Be Offended by Something"

This is a non-fiction book that I'm currently working on. I started saying this phrase when I was in my mid-twenties. There are so many things out there that could be offensive that I believe it's impossible to shield all of it. This is a guide book to help us figure out what to do when we do get triggered and ways we can be resilient. 

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