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Welcome to the Writing Studio and Publication Center!

Here you will find information about upcoming workshops/readings, publications, and editing & proofreading services.


No current workshops or readings.


These publications are much more than just me and my voice. 

Your voice matters too.

Contact me and together we will get your voice out into the world.

COMING WINTER 2024: "Whispering Thunder" poetry collection by Sarah McMahill


Music, Videos, and Webinars

Myofascial Massage

(In-Progress) "Who's Afraid of the "Big Bad Port"" by Sarah McMahill

(In-Progress) "Beyond Vocal Cords: Biomechanics and Fascia of the Voice" by Sarah McMahill


"Self-Care Toolkit: The Enneagram - Working With Change in Our Lives" with Sarah McMahill and Roland Legge.

COMING IN 2024: "Shining the Light on Prejudice Using the Enneagram" with Sarah McMahill and Roland Legge.


(In-Progress) "Somebody Somewhere Will Be Offended By Something: Understanding and Working With Our Triggers" by Sarah McMahill, Roland Legge, and Özgü Hafızoğlu.


COMING WINTER 2024: "Whispering Thunder" by Sarah McMahill. Sample some of Sarah's poem's here.

(In-Progress) "Kiss of the Dragon and Other Erotic Poetry" by Sarah McMahill

Sheet Music

Short Stories

(In-Progress) "My 29 Year Old Friend" by Sarah McMahill


Do you just need someone to proofread or lightly edit something for you?

I offer those services as well!

Proof-reading and light editing (any subject or genre): $30/hour

Content editing: $50/hour

Content editing subjects include health & wellness, myofascial release therapy, massage, enneagram, personal growth, music, spirituality, and performing & visual arts.

For further information or to hire me, please contact me here.

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