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Sarah McMahill created Wellness Weaving in 2023 which weaves together Kintsugi Studios & Publications (started in 2021),

Heart to Hands Myofascial Massage (started in 2004), and The Dragonfly Enneagram Center (started in 2017).

Wellness Weaving is about understanding and experiencing how our hearts, bodies, and minds

are woven together through various forms of expression, bodywork, and mind-gardening.

Design your unique "weaving pattern" by scheduling your FREE discovery call on zoom!

What's New?


May 1, 2024 

Selected pieces of my artwork are now available for sale on various items through RedBubble!

May 2024

"Generations: Tone Poem for Clarinet, Violin, and Cello" was one of 30 pieces selected for performance by the Soli Chamber Ensemble.

January 20 and 21, 2024

World premiere of "I Honour the Place in You" performed by One Voice Mixed Chorus

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