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Mission Statement

Heart to Hands combines the science and the art of wellness through myofascial massage/strain-counterstrain, enneagram coaching & education, music and multi-media creations to create a space for transformation and healing.

About Me


I am a life-long musician. I sing, play the piano, clarinet, alto recorder, and melodica, and compose and arrange songs for various instruments. I studied music education at Doane College (Crete, NE), theater, English, and art at Southwest MN State University, and massage therapy at St Paul College. I have performed with the St. Anthony Civic Orchestra, St. Anthony Community Theater, Calliope Women's Chorus, and One Voice Mixed Chorus. When COVID affected my primary job as a myofascial massage therapist for performers and people dealing with pain relief/pain management, I was able to spend more time composing, writing, and leading online enneagram workshops. This led to the birth of Kintsugi Publications (self-publishing business for music, poetry, and stories) as an addition to my myofascial work and multi-media art. I became a member of ASCAP, wrote and recorded my first album of 9 enneagram songs (premiered in Canada April of 2022), and arranged original solo compositions for SATB choir. I'm currently notating all of my handwritten scores into software, composing songs for upcoming enneagram workshops, working on a song commission and an art commission, and a multi-movement piece for choir and band about the Tulsa Race Riot Massacre.


In 2004 I received my Massage Therapy Certificate from Saint Paul College. I knew I wanted to specialize in Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) because of how it helped me manage my pain. I received extensive Myofascial Release training from John F. Barnes. In 2005 I started my own business and have been loving it! In the fall of 2019, I received the National Board Certification for Massage and Bodywork. In November 2022, I took my first strain-counterstrain class and have incorporated this powerful modality into my myofascial massage practice. Learn more about strain-counterstrain and myofascial release here.


I got introduced to the enneagram in 2000. I was going through a very difficult time and the enneagram changed my life. After several years of attending enneagram events and receiving coaching sessions, I realized that this is something that I want to share. I received certification through Anne Murée's Full Circle Teacher Training, Tom Condon's Dynamic Enneagram Certification Training and Enneagram Institute's workshop on Inner Critic Psychic Structures. I received additional teacher training through Moving Forward Australia, which is an IEA (International Enneagram Association) accredited school. I'm currently studying under Andrea Isaacs. I am an Accredited Professional through the International Enneagram Association. Click here to learn more about the enneagram and my coaching services

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