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I have always done arts, crafts, music, written word and spoken word throughout my life. I get an immense amount of joy in creating things! Molding clay and metals, playing with colors whether it be through paints or pens, shaping fabrics and yarns through crocheting and other modalities, beading, word-play, composing music, creating combinations of sounds and music, sculpting different figures with a wide-variety of materials are all of the things I love doing but haven't shared much of it before. I realized recently that it's time for me to open up to all of me; honor all of who I am. As the great Cat Faber says, "You got to tell it on the mountain, in the valley far below. Every act of creation is an act of faith!"

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Current Projects

I have written nine songs for each of the enneagram types for a workshop that I led with Roland Legge spring of 2021. The recordings feature Mindy Eschedor on piano and Andrea Leonard and me, Sarah McMahill, on vocals. The workshop is available for purchase at my store. The music will be on my debut album called EnneaMuse (under the name SarahMc Personali-Tease), which is now available for purchase

"Whispering Thunder", "The Dreaming", "Where Did That Come From?"

I'm putting together a few collections of my poems. Some of them will be recorded and available at my store soon!

"Somebody Somewhere Will Be Offended by Something"

This is a non-fiction book that I'm currently working on. I started saying this phrase when I was in my mid-twenties. There are so many things out there that could be offensive that I believe it's impossible to shield all of it. This is a guide book to help us figure out what to do when we do get triggered and ways we can be resilient. 

I have to admit I have not touched my clarinet since the pandemic started until April 11, 2021. I've been trying to convince myself that I've been too busy with other things. That's only partly true but the reality was that I have been grieving. When I put my clarinet together that day, I did my usual warm-ups and started a piano and clarinet composition project. Something kept drawing me away from making much progress on it and I realized that I needed to press record on Audacity and allow whatever needed to come out. After I recorded what I played I felt some of my weight being lifted as I realized that what I just did was a lament for the past year. I know it's not studio-quality but I do want to share it.